"Definitely a quality ministry, in my opinion, both in spiritual substance for the connection with God and musical style to connect with seekers." —Dr. Martin Weber, Editor of Outlook Magazine

“In less than two weeks these young Americans had won our hearts and inspired us to tell others about Christ and His soon return.” —RECORD staff / Cindy Smith (New South Wales, Australia)

“Our last youth campmeeting was incredible. We had a great time and a lot of it had to do with The Cause ministry. They came in and really connected with our kids. They were so down-to-earth and yet kept pointing kids upwards toward Christ. I loved their music and message; kids were really worshiping our God—and that’s AWESOME!” —William Hurtado, Pastor, San Juan Islands, WA

"In the short time I have known The Cause I have learned to appreciate this ministry. Lance is as real and honest as they come. I thank God for these young adults who are truly mission minded and who desire to do relevant youth ministry." —Pastor Manny Cruz, Associate Director, Youth & Young Adult Ministries, North American Division

"The Cause is a group of young men that want to do something for Jesus! They influence this generation to serve as the Church, NOW. Keep up the good work! " —Loren Nelson III

“These young men believe they are following God’s will in their lives, reaching other young people for him and it is not just an act. I have seen prayers before meals, Bibles opened and being studied in the morning and networking with young fans who flock to them at their concerts.” —Paula Vogler, Columnist: Easton Journal, Massachusetts