The Cause Ministry originally started when in the summer of 2002 a group of young guys decided to dedicate themselves to a summer of music ministry for youth in 5 States around the country. Early in that first tour, the name for the band/ministry was formed, The Cause. Soon after the group came up with the name, Lance Mishleau was laying in bed asking God to give them a verse for their new ministry. He opened one of his Bible's and without flipping pages read 1 Timothy 2:5-7, "As we all know, there is only one God and one Mediator between us and God, the man Christ Jesus. He gave his life on behalf of all of us, which is proof that God wants all of us to be saved. He gave us the testimony of His love in His own appointed time. For this cause I was called to be an apostle and sent to the Gentiles..." It was formed. The Cause Ministry saw its purpose in that it was the simplicity yet profoundness of Jesus dying for all to be saved that they were to proclaim.

The message became even clearer when their website came to be. Seeing that they themselves are not anymore special then others, Lance says, "we are all unique and special in God's eyes because He must have looked at earth and thought that He didn't want to spend the rest of eternity without me and you. He saw that each and every one of us was a cause worth living for and worth dying for. God doesn't tell us to do something without giving an example and He is the example in that, 'We love because he first loved us' (1 John 4:19). He loved us so much that he came to live a life on earth for us and die on earth for us. We Are The Cause of Christ's life and death on earth. Now, He calls us to live for The Cause of what He has done for me and you and everyone else we come in contact with. This is The Cause truly worth living and worth dying for, The Cause of salvation for mankind. And, with His resurrection, we have the hope and promise of new life and eternity with our friend and Savior Jesus Christ." With The Cause members, it is more than a ministry, it is a frame of mind and a movement, a calling for all young and old to rise up and be a part in the Body of Christ.

As of recent, the present Cause members have reached thousands of people by having directly ministered in 27 states in the USA as well as the countries of Canada, Australia, and Belize with an invitation to also go to Kenya, Africa. Today, the Cause continues to travel wherever the Lord leads in order to do their part in spreading the Gospel to the whole world through speaking, music, mentoring, discipling, and Bible studies. With the motto of, “Leading Youth to Lead the Church” they desire to encourage the Youth to step up and be a part of this end time movement to finish the work Christ gave us to do in the Great Commission.

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